Do your own measurements!

​​​Southern Home Window Coverings

       When measuring an inside window for Blinds, Roman Shades, Mini Blinds, etc… The following measurements must be taken to accurately measure for a blind to fit in a window sill. Take into consideration that “No” window opening is square. They might look square and even, but most are not.

How to measure for Blinds that will be at the front of the window opening (Away from the window) or will stick out from the window opening with a Valence.

1. Measure the width between window openings, you need to measure Horizontally,  between both sides of the opening (A & B), at (3) Areas.

  • Top of the Window Opening
  • Center of the Window Opening
  • Bottom of the Window Opening
  • Take the lowest measurement across and make sure that you go to the Lowest Measurement that is within 1/8” of the total length.
  • You don’t want to be exact with the window opening, you need 1/8” of play to fit it in with the brackets.

2. To Measure the Total Length of the Blind you will need to measure between (C & D). Measure the length at (3) Areas.

  • Top of the Opening at each Corner
  • Top of the Opening at Center of Window
  • Take the Smallest Length as your measurement

 How to measure for Blinds that will sit next to the Window in a deep pocket window opening, you will also need to measure the distance across closest to the window at the same three areas listed above and take the lowest measurement within 1/8” of the total length of the window opening.

In most cases you will find that the closer you get to the window, the measurement across usually gets smaller.

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