​​​Southern Home Window Coverings


We offer various styles of arches, starburst and slatbirst shades that can be custom fit to any window and can be made in multiple colors and sizes. 

Arches, starbursts and slatburst can be made to open and let light in a room or fixed to keep light out or to a minimum. 

We custom make arches, starburst and slatburst to each individual window in wood or fauxwood material by:
- Measuring each window for the correct feet?
-Custom designing to the customers specifications. (IE: Color and Light requirements)

If you are a local customer, we will be glad to come measure each window and provide a NO obligation quote for all products including installation. 
For our customers that are not local to the Houston, Texas area, please use our measurement guide to measure the windows and order through our sales department. 
***Please be aware that if you measure your windows on your own, we will make the products to your measurements.  Our warranty is only for the quality of materials and color fading.  If measurements are not correct and not done by an employee of the company we are not obligated to replace or refund.*** 
If you would like a free no-obligation quote for Plantation Shutters and you live within 50 miles of Houston, please fill out our information form or you can contact us by email at: